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We welcome comments and questions on the articles we publish here at Online Business Articles and Accrete Web Solutions but do feel that some formalities need to be addressed regarding comments posted and the emails we receive.

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Comment Policy

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We reserve the right to

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Blog Spam and Email Spam

There is a zero tolerance of both comment spam and email spam on this web space.

Blog Comment Spam

There is blog spam going around that promotes submitting comments automatically. You do this and you will be banned from this web space, no questions asked.

Email Spam

Like blog spam, spam emails will result in you being banned from this web space.

Read Your Service Provider Terms of Service

If you read your ISP and web hosting Terms of Service, you would know that spam of any kind is not allowed and you can loose your service for breaching their Terms of Service.

Information Collected

With each comment and email submitted to this blog, your ISP is recorded.

Legitimate commenters and those who email with a question need not worry about this, as this information and your email address will be kept confidential.

If you are a spammer however, this information will be used to ban you from this web space and to report you to your ISP and hosting.

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Updated: March 12, 2012