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To go along with our Website Planning – A Step by Step Guide post, here is a website planning checklist as a guide. It can be used for a website, a blog or as a redesign checklist to refocus your existing site.

Website Planning Checklist

If you get stuck on any of these points, go back to the original post to review.

  1. Purpose and Goals of Website

    • Establish purpose of website
    • Assess market if a business, informational or opinion website
  2. Set website goals

    • Short term goals
    • Long term goals
    • Measurement system to assess meeting goals
  3. Target Audience

    • Establish target audience
    • Assess target audience computer skills
    • Assess target audience visual and motor skills
    • Assess target audience computer equipment and technologies
  4. Search Engine Optimization

    • Search engine optimization research
    • Keywords and phrases target audience are using
    • Where your target audience searches for your chosen niche
  5. Website Technologies

    • Ecommerce technologies required
    • Communication technologies required
    • Advanced website technologies required
    • Website graphics required
    • Web hosting features required
  6. Web Hosting

    • Type of hosting package required
    • Webspace features required
    • Web traffic statistics required
    • Web Hosting Checklist
  7. Website Budget

    • Building web pages
    • Building web graphics
    • Website content creation and maintenance
    • Website advertising
    • Third party features chosen
    • Bookkeeping

Write things down! How are you going to remember to do everything on the checklist if it’s not written down? How will you remember your final decisions on the different areas if it’s not written down?

Writing things down not only acts as a checklist and reminder, it’s a way to measure your success at carefully planning the website.

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