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This Too Shall Pass

It has been a tough couple of years for everyone but we have to keep the faith "This too shall pass".

"This too shall pass" is a proverb indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.

Source: This too shall pass - Wikipedia

Been There Done That

Back in the 80s we went through this so some of us have "Been there done that" as far as struggling to make ends meet and earn a managable living. Our parents (or grandparents as the case maybe) grew up and got through even worse. What kept them going? Faith that the hard times will come to an end and we just have to keep plugging along as best we can until it does.

Moving Forward

We are moving forwad and keeping the faith that there is an end in sight. Any of you that have visited our website in the past will see a lot of work has been done lately.

The new sections added include:

  • Web Design Services

    The web design services section now lists (as a refresher to some of you)

    • DIY website templates services for those who wish to develop their website themselves but need a starting template which include custom website templates, semi-custom templates and premade website templates
    • Small business web design for those who need someone to develop their website for them. We offer our services for custom small business web design, semi-custom and developing your website from a template you found somewhere else. Website redesign is also available. Any of these can be set up for you to self maintain afterwards through the use of DWT (dynamic web templates) or Microsoft® Expression® Web includes.
    • Wordpress™ blog template service is also available. We can create a custom Wordpress™ theme to match your website (like we have done for our articles section), tweak a theme you found somewhere else or help you find a premade Wordpress™ theme that meets your needs.
    • Looking to include ecommerce in your website (new or existing)? See our ecommerce websites section for details. We have worked on quite a ecommerce websites using Mals Ecommerce shopping cart complete with some customization plus other ecommerce software.

    If you would like a free quotation on your project please use our Request for Quotation form.

  • Website Services

    Overwhelmed with so much to do to take care of your business? We have website services to help you out.

    • Too busy producing product, servicing customers and taking care of business needs? Our website maintenance service is available to take some of the pressure off.
    • Do you need a domain name registered or renewed? See our domain name registration service. Yes, the domain name and all registration information will be in your name.
    • Not doing so well in the search results? We offer website review services. You can choose from a quick website optimization review, a quick website technical review or a full website review.

    We provide other web services also. Please contact us with your request.

  • Portfolio

    As a service to our customers we provide you with a listing on our home page and on our portfolio page to help kick start your incoming links marketing and help get the search engine bots to notice your new (or revamped) website or blog.

  • Articles

    This will be the "blog" section of our revamped website. The articles section has it's two entries already! Website Design Process and How Much Does a Website Cost?

    On Facebook we asked for your ideas on what to write about:

    What are your top 10 problems, challenges, and/or goals for your website and/or blog?

    Creating an editorial calendar for our new articles section ( ) and looking for your input on topics you would like the answers to.

    You can contribute on Facebook or send us an email with your idea(s).

  • Company Information

    Under company information you will find:

    We also added a request for quotation page.

  • Newsletter

    This newsletter! The newsletter will be published once a month.

    The plan is to include lastest news and ideas to improve and expand your business or blog. Also, we will be announcing any new sites and blogs launched (another incoming link to get those search engine bots to your site!) See Just Launched below.

    All the newsletters will be archived and availble to the search engines plus general public.

    If you haven't already, sign up today!

    If you would like to advertise in this newsletter please review our rates, conditions and submit your ad on our advertising rates page. You can see a sample below.

Think that's it for new and exciting around here. Below is the exciting web marketing news for this month.

Website Promotions

Current website promotions

Just Launched

Accrete Web Solutions redesign c/w custom Wordpress™ installation for articles section.

Accrete Web Solutions Facebook business page new cover image for the new timeline.

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Web Marketing News

Social Networking

The social networking scene is a buzz about Pinterest and Facebook timeline this month.


Pinterest has been a well kept secret amongst the Ladies.

It is a social networking site that has been up and running since 2010 but suddenly caught the eye of online marketers.

Members "pin" images from websites they like. The images can be products they want for a special occassion (like a wedding), stuff for their home, cute stuff and helpful infographics they find. Just like the other social networks, you follow people's "boards" and people follow yours.

The reason marketers like it is that it can be great exposure for your business or blog.

Pinterest just changed the layout of individual's pages tonight as this newsletter was written. Check out our Pinterest page to see the new look.

Back in mid February when How You Could Get Sued For Using Pinterest was published on Read Write Web there was a sudden concern about copyright infringement on Pinterest. Pinterest in their terms of use clearly puts on onus on the users to make sure credit is given to the rightful owner of the image and of course that you were not infringing on the owner's copyright ownership by pinning their image. Lesson: make sure you research that the right person is given credit for the image and it is allowed to be shared before you pin it or repin something someone else pinned.

Now from a website/blog owner's point of view there are a couple of things you can do if you want to participate or not.

  • You can add a PinIt button to your pages to make it easier for people to share your pages/products. If you do this it is possible to prepopulate the image name and description so the Pinner doesn't have to fill out the description. This does not stop them from changing the description though. Just an attempt to get your preferred description posted.

    Note: Members can use the PinIt bookmarklet to pin things from your site even if you do not have a PinIt button on the page. Which leads us to the next point.

  • If you do not want your pages pinned on Pinterest there is special coding you can put in the head of your pages to stop the PinIt bookmarklet continuing.

    Note: This only stops people using the PinIt Bookmarklet. They could copy your image to their computer then upload while logged into Pinterest to their board.

If you are interested in participating in Pinterest or not, contact us and we will set you up which ever way you decide is best for your business.

Facebook Business Pages

Those of you who already have a personal page on Facebook probably already heard about them changing the look of your Wall (a.k.a. Timeline). Well, they are changing the Timelines for business pages also. You have until March 30, 2011 to change your business page over to the new look or they will do it automatically for you on that date.

The new look will require a top image they are calling a cover image. We did ours last weekend. There are specific rules as to what you can and cannot put on your business cover image.

The other thing that is changing is that your Welcome page can not be forced as the first page people see when they visit your business page. If you have a Welcome page it now is accessed via a button below your cover image.

If you need help with setting up your cover image, contact us.


If you made it to this point, thanks for reading!!! This first newsletter wasn't supposed to be so long but we had lots of company news to share this time around.

Hope you sign up for our future newsletters.

Till next month, Keep your chin up. "This too shall pass" and everything will be back to normal.

As Red Green says:

Keep your stick on the ice.

Ok, guess you would have to be Canadian to get that. <wink>

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