Website Ownership Philosophy

People have come to us a numberous times in a bind because they do not have all the information to take control of their websites. We do not work that way.

Be in Control of Your Online Business

At Accrete Web Solutions we believe the business owner should be in control of all facets of their online business. Our website ownership philosophy is that the business owner should have all logins and passwords to all the services the business uses on the web.

Domain Name Registration

When you register your domain name you will be given an account complete with user name and password. You need this information to change the DNS (Domain Nmae Server) information when you change hosting and when it comes time to renew your domain name. Some website owners do not have this information because someone else registered the domain for them.

At Accrete Web Solutions we do thing differently. If you ask us to register a domain name on your behalf you will get:

Web Hosting

We strongly believe (from past experience) that having your web hosting account separate from your domain registration account is best. Some sites are not set up like this and the owners run into problems when there is a dispute.

Ask for our assistance securing web hosting and you will get:

Ecommerce Software

If you run an ecommerce section of your website or blog there is information you need to have to log into it and make adjustments or backup the information. Some ecommerce packages require 2 sets of information, the admin site and the database side.

For an ecommerce site set up by Accrete Web Solutions you will receive the following:

Blog Set Up

Blogs are another area where some blog owners are missing vital information connected to their blog. e.g. Administration login and password, database connection information, shopping cart information

When we set up a blog for you (self hosted is our preferred method) we will provide:

Google Services

You may not realize this but any of the Google services you use for your site (Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Gmail, Adwords, etc.) are associated with one Google account. Once logged into the account the person has access to all the Google Services associated with the account.

When we set up Google Services for a client we:

As you can see from above our website owner phylosopy is honesty with our clients. You will have all the information you need to be in control of your online prescence if you work with Accrete Web Solutions.