Wordpress™ Blog Templates

You have heard that blogging is good for your business. You have heard about professional bloggers making a living via blogging. You are set to get started, now what?

Wordpress™ is one of the popular blogging software packages around. You will need an installation of Wordpress™ on your web space and a Wordpress™ theme before you can start actually blogging.

The Wordpress™ theme creates the look and functionality of your Wordpress™ blog. There can be some plugs-ins added also to create additional functionality of your blog.

Accrete Web Solutions can create your Wordpress™ blog using:

But first, check out what is included in each of our Wordpress™ theme packages.

Wordpress™ Theme Packages

Note: In Wordpress™ there are 2 types of "pages" within your blog. Those familiar with Wordpress™ call your articles posts and your static pages like About Us, Contact Us, etc. pages. They use 2 different template files. For those who are new to Wordpress™ we have referred to everything as pages below to make it easier for you.

Each custom Wordpress™ theme we create will include:

Additional purpose specific theme templates can be added to your Wordpress™ theme package. Semi custom themes can include any of the missing files above. Just ask when ordering.

Custom Wordpress™ Theme

When creating a custom Wordpress™ theme for you all the graphics and colour scheme will be created just for you.

Included in our custom themes category would be creating a theme to match your existing website theme.

Request your free estimate today! Please note if you will be requiring a stand alone blog theme or one to match your existing website theme in the comments box.

Semi Custom Wordpress™ Themes

You have found a theme elsewhere but it needs some tweaking. We can do this for you plus add any missing basic theme files listed above. Double check the terms of sale for the theme to make sure you are permitted to have someone other than the original designer edit the theme.

Editing existing images of a prebought theme will require the original files the images were created with, not the web ready images included in the theme you purchased.

Request your free quotation today. Don't forget to include your list of changes required and the web address of the theme you wish to have customized in the comments section.

Premade Wordpress™ Theme

Sometimes budget does not allow for a custom or semi custom theme for you blog. We can help you find a suitable premade Wordpress™ theme to incorporate into your blog.

Contact us today. We will be glad to help you find a premade theme to suit your budget. Please note your budget in the comments box.

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