Search Engine Friendly Small Business Web Design

Affordable, creative, search engine friendly small business websites bringing targeted clientele to your online small business.

Imagine having a small business website that projects a professional and creditable image of your company resulting in increased sales through target audience focused content, better search engine results, user friendly layout and general professional image.

Accrete Web Solutions, located in Surrey (a suburb of Vancouver), BC (British Columbia), Canada, is a web design and web development company providing web solutions for small business owners around the world.

Our expansive skills and knowledge of small business web design, web development and website promotion takes each website beyond the basics of most web design and web development projects.

Using our custom web design package and/or one of our website maintenance programs frees up your time to market your small business, produce products and service your customers.

If you are a Do it Yourself small business website owner looking for a Do it Yourself template or on a very low budget we have budget conscience or semi custom website packages to suit your needs.

Small Business Web Design

Professional, affordable small business web design.

  • Professional web design and web development.
  • Website redesign.
  • Website maintenance.

A successful website development plan includes a number of aspects. Each web design and web development project created by Accrete Web Solutions includes:

  • Target Audience Focused Design

    Websites built to focus on your target audience thus expanding your online small business and create a web presence for you.

  • User Friendly Web Design

    Helpful navigation systems and consistent layout from page to page within the website will make your website visitors enjoy their experience while visiting.

  • Valid Standards Compliant Web Page Coding

    Each web page is coded in compliance with the web standards set out by the W3C®, the body who sets the standards for web designers and browsers to follow making your website ready for future web technologies.

  • Accessible Design

    Each web page is checked that it meets the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and 508 Standards guidelines.

  • Search Engine Friendly Construction

    Through search engine friendly design your standings in the search engine results will be improved.

    Each website is constructed to take advantage of all the things the search engines like to see when visiting your small business website.

    Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is included with each small business web design through search engine friendly file names, image names and web page coding to help you get started on your search engine optimization program.

  • Optimized Web Graphics

    Whether you provide your own graphics or have us create them for you, the web graphics used will be optimized for the quickest loading web page possible.

  • Web Page Optimization

    Optimized background coding by using external stylesheets (CSS) for the web page formatting and minimal HTML coding making not only the web pages load quickly, the search engines and devices used to read web pages will not get caught up on bloated HTML coding.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

    Your website will be viewable in Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Opera® along with accessible browsers and Lynx® browsers.

  • Backward Compliance

    Backward compliance for those of your targeted audience that do not have the latest technologies.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost placement in search engine results, improve your online marketing plan, improve online sales!

  • Search engine friendly design.
  • Search engine friendly website content.
  • Website analysis.
  • Keyword research.
  • Link building strategies.

Each of our small business web design packages include giving your website a start on your search engine optimization program. This needs to be taken further to include the actual content on each web page.

  • Keyword Research

    Research required to efficiently optimize your website file names, image names, page titles and content for better results in the search engines.

  • Search Engine Friendly Design

    Background coding optimized for search engines.

  • Link Building Strategies

    Develop a link building strategy suited to your small business for better placement in the search engine results.

  • Website Analysis

    Analysis of your current placement in the search engine results and suggestions for improved search engine optimization.

E-Commerce Development

Improve your online sales with a search engine friendly e-commerce website.

  • Search engine friendly shopping catalogue.
  • Search engine friendly design.
  • Integration with shopping cart software.

Through careful planning and search engine optimization a small business web design using e-commerce can be producing online sales to increase your business.

  • Search Engine Friendly E-Commerce Catalogue

    E-commerce shopping catalogue optimized for better search engine placement and increased sales.

  • Search Engine Friendly Catalogue Layout

    Search engine friendly catalogue layout, navigation and product pages.

  • Shopping Cart Integration

    Shopping cart integration with your e-commerce website to give your customers easy payment options.

Get Your Small Business Website Started Today

Contact our professional web design and web development staff today to discuss your new small business web design!

No matter what size budget you have, we will work with you to create a professional and creditable image for your online small business.

Development of a website can span over a short period of time for something like a brochure website or a website redesign requiring simple code clean-up and website optimization or over a number of months if starting from scratch or revamping the website to be more search engine friendly.

Our payment schedule can be adapted to suit your budget. Usually after the initial deposit, it will take you a few months to gather together your search engine optimized website content, fine tune it to be user friendly, search engine friendly and make final decisions. We would then start building the website. Depending on the size and complexity of your small business website, payments are spread out over biweekly or monthly draws until the website is complete.

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Linking out is not bad for your site. It provides complete information for your readers and entices them to come back to see what new information you have. Linking out builds your incoming links (what you need and want) without going out and looking for them or paying for them.

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