Policies at Accrete Web Solutions

On this page you will find the policies of Accrete Web Solutions.

For quick reference:

Purchase Information

Custom Work

Each custom project will be issued a formal quotation outlining what is and is not included plus what each of our responsibilies are. On acceptance of the quotation, a contract will be issued to be signed and returned before work will begin. At this time, your deposit as outlined in the quotation will be required. If you want the original files the work was created in (e.g. artwork) please state so at the time you request your quotation.

All custom work will require a non-refundable deposit. The procedure is that we will send you an invoice via PayPal marked as a deposit on the work.

Extras to Contract

All extras to contract must be approved in writing before work begins. If it is an extensive extra, a deposit will be required.

Pre-Made Templates by Accrete Web Solutions

All pre-made templates are sold as is. Be assured that when they were created they were standards compliant and validated before offered for sale. There will be instructions included with your template outlining how it was built and what areas you need to change to suit your needs.

Third Party Templates

From time to time we will offer third party templates to our customers. Your contract for purchase and terms of use is with that third party. Be sure to read the Terms of Use before purchase if you have plans to make changes to it.

Use of Outside Services

When a service you purchase from Accrete Web Solutions requires paying a fee to a vendor (e.g. domain registration, web hosting, image source) you either have to pre-pay Accrete Web Solutions or provide the information to fill in the payment screen to use your own payment method. e.g. Credit card information, PayPal email address. The account will be set up in your name complete with your contact information you provide. All login, contract information and a copy of the terms for the service will be sent to your for your records and access.


We pride ourselves on providing complete detailed information at time of quotation. If you are not clear with the contract or terms of the quotation you were given, we will gladly explain the areas you are not clear about.

If the dispute cannot be resolved, we genuinely hope this never happens but we have to clarify this, you will be responsible for all costs incurred that are not covered by the deposit before the contract is ended. A final invoice will be issued for the difference between the deposit and balance owing. We retain ownership of the work done until this final invoice is paid.

Copyrighted Work

We will not knowingly use other people's work in your project. If you provide content (including but not limited to, words, images, videos) which we discover you do not have the proper authorization in writing from the original creator to use, we will refuse to incorporate it into the site. Should we find out after the fact you provided copyrighted work it will be removed.

This policy is for your protection as well as our own. The rightful owner of the copyrighted material can file a complaint with your domain registrar and web hosting to have the copyrighted material removed. Your site will be shut down until you comply.

Payment Information

All invoicing is done through PayPal. We are a verified member of PayPal.

PayPal Accepted

You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

Payments from your PayPal account, debit card or major credit card are accepted. If you choose to use an e-check, no work will begin until we receive notice from PayPal that the e-check has cleared. E-checks take approximately 4-6 working days to clear.

All payments are processed on PayPal's secure servers. None of your payment information is forwarded to us.

All services work where the service cannot be revoked, such as domain registration, setting up a web hosting account, website submission, etc., is non-refundable.

For custom contract work, the merchandise will not be released until final payment is received.

Privacy Policy

Information you provide to is kept in the strictest of confidence. It will not be released to anyone unless served with a court order to release this information.

All information you disclose to us about your firm will be kept in confidence.

We generally provide an announcement on our site when a site is launched. This helps the search engines to find their way to your site. We also like to show our work in our portfolio. If you would rather not be mentioned on our site, please let us know.

Type of Information Gathered

Web Server Information

The web server provides the following reports:

General Summary - Displays the most important overall statistics.

Request Reports - Number of page requests by month, day and hour.

Domain Report - Countries that requests have come from.

Organization Report - Organizations that requests have come from.

Refer Reports - Referrerals that had to be redirected, failed referrerals that had to be redirected, broken links and list of servers that referred people to my site (how people are finding my site). The referals are recorded as requests from servers, not individual visitors.

Search Word Report - The words people typed into the search engine to find my site.

Browsers - Details of the version and type of browsers used to view my site.

Operating System Report - What operating systems were used by the visitors to my site.

Status Code Report - Lists each HTTP status code that you received.

Files and Directories - The files requested to be viewed, the type of files requested and which directory they are in. Also, which files were downloaded.

None of the reports above can identify you personally. These statistics are used by us to improve our marketing plan and make improvements to the website.


We have a zero tolerance policy regarding spam. If you provide your email address you have to request that we contact you. If you are interested in joining our mailing list you have to request this and we will reply asking for confirmation.

To unsubscribe from our newsletter see instructions below.


Please contact us if you wish any of the following confirmed:


No cookies are used on this website.


Javascript is used to insert our mailto link to avoid spambots finding our email address. No personal information is collected and no harm is done to your computer.

Linked Sites

Links within the website are provided for your convenience. We have no control over what information is collected or how it is used therefore by clicking the links provided you accept the responsibility to verify how the site collects and uses information.

Unsubscribe from Our Mailing List

If at anytime you wish to be removed from our records send an email with the subject REMOVE. You will receive one final email from confirming that you have been removed from all records.