Small Business Web Design

Are you a small business owner looking to create a prosperous image on the Internet? Perhaps you built your small business website a few years ago and now it needs a facelift or search engine optimization (SEO) improvements. Accrete Web Solutions can help.

Whether you would like someone to take care of the website maintenance of your small business website after it's launch (or relaunch) or you wish to maintain the site yourself after launch we can accommodate your plan. Each small business web design can be adapted for self maintenance. Inclusion of a content management system, use of dynamic web template (DWT) or Expression® Web includes are all available for those who wish to maintain their own site. We can also develop your website using Wordpress™ if you wish.

Accrete Web Solutions is located in Surrey, BC Canada providing small business web design services to small business owners around the world.

Take a look at what each of our small business web design packages includes below. All of these pages and features are included in our custom small business web design, semi custom web design, premade web design and website redesign packages.

Small Business Web Design Packages

Each of our small business web design packages include:

All of these pages and features are included in the type of small business web design you choose from below. Extra features such as site search, newsletter signup, ecommerce, etc. can also be included. Just mention the extra features you require in your quote request.

Custom Small Business Web Design

A custom small business web design is unique to your business. This is the most memoriable way to go when building your online presence. Being unique helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The colour scheme and graphics required for your small business website will be created just for you.

The cost of your custom website will be based on which features you wish to have included in the website and how many pages you would like us to create for you..

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Semi Custom Small Business Web Design

A semi custom small business web design would the case where you have a website template picked out from somewhere else and need a few tweaks to make it your own.

Note: For graphics to be edited we need the original files the graphics were created with, not the web ready files included in your website already. Also you would have to have proper ownership of the website design that permits you to edit the theme without going back to the original designer.

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Don't forget to include your list of changes required and the web address of the theme/template you wish to have customized in the comments section.

Premade Small Business Web Design

Sometimes budget does not allow for a custom small business web design. We can help you find a suitable premade web design template to incorporate into your website.

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We will be glad to help you find a premade website template to suit your budget. Please note your budget in the comments box.

Website Redesign

Does your small business website need a facelift? Or redesign? Maybe it just needs some search engine optimization (SEO) lovingly touchups to get you ranking in the search results? What ever the case maybe Accrete Web Solutions can help. We will take a look at your existing small business website design and advise whether it needs a total redesign, rearrangement of elements, additional elements, some on-site search engine optimization work or reworking of what you have.

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Include why you think you may need a website redesign in the comments section. Not converting visitors? Not being found in the search results? Tired of the current web design and want to renew your branding?

Self Maintained Small Business Website

For you to self maintain your small business website some extra work will be required. The cost of this extra work will depend on the method used.

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