Do It Yourself Website Templates

Are you a hands on type website owner looking for a website template for your project? Maybe you have Dreamweaver®, Expression® Web or a content management system where you just need the layout and it's coding done. Accrete Web Solutions can help you out.

Take a look at what our website template packages include. You might see some things not typically included in website template packages and some things you didn't know you needed.

We can provide:

Do It Yourself Website Template Packages

Website templates are a set of files and images which, when assembled, create the theme (look) of your website. The set includes:

From the basic website template you can (and should make) these essential web pages:

We of course can include the above essential web pages as a starting point for you to fill in the content so you do not forget to do them. Just ask for them when ordering.

There maybe additional files included in your website template package which add functionality to the site. This varies from website to website.

Dynamic Web Templates (DWT)

If you are a Dreamweaver® or Expression® Web user these two HTML editors can use a technology called dynamic web templates (DWT). We can prepare your template for use of this technology if you wish.

Microsoft® Design Time Includes

Microsoft® has it's own design time includes technology included with their Expression® Web editor. Those that used FrontPage in the past would remember these. It is a techology where you can divide up your template into separate files for easier section editing, update affected pages and be able to view your changes on your computer. We can provide your template set up to use this technology if you wish.

Custom Website Template

A custom website template is a website theme which is exclusive to your website.

Custom graphics and colour scheme are created to convey to your website visitors what your small business is and what it does.

The cost of your custom website template will depend on what features you wish to have included in the template and how many sub pages you would like us to start you off with.

Request your free estimate today!

Semi Custom Website Template

A semi custom website template would be one where you come to us with a template from somewhere else (and are permitted by the terms of sale to edit it yourself) or with your existing template and want some revisions and/or improvements.

Creation of some additional graphics, rearranging the layout, adding or deleting some features, cleaning up the coding are all possible. Just send us your To Do List.

Note: If you want existing graphics edited you will need to provide the original file(s) they were created with, not the web ready files used on your website.

Request your free quotation today. Don't forget to include your To Do List in the comments section.

Premade Website Template

Sometimes budgets are really tight allowing for maybe just a company logo to be done. If this is the case, we have some premade basic templates we can show you or guide you to somewhere to purchase a bit fancier website template and still keep within your budget.

Contact us today. We will be glad to help you find a premade website template to suit your budget. Please note your budget in the comments box.

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