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Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

This month we would like to review what can happen when you put all your eggs in one basket as far as services, marketing and search engine optimization go.

All-in-One Web Design Packages

In our article Let’s Discuss All-in-One Web Design Packages article posted earlier in April we covered the following so we won't rehash those points in regards to putting all your website building and hosting needs in one basket.

Website Promotion

There have been some major upsets over the last 6 months or so in regards to website promotion and Google.

Article Marketing

Quite a few months ago now Google adjusted it's logarithm to reevaluate article marketing sites. Some of the big name article marketing sites took a major hit.

Why? Because those who do article marketing on a grand scale post the same article in multiple locations. This created a major duplicate content problem in the search results. Google made an adjustment to their logarithm to reduce this duplicate content showing up in the results.

Article marketing is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in a subject and earn a link pointing to your website or blog via the bio at the end of the article but what happened to those who article market on a grand scale was they lost all the ranking and influential backlinks because they blasted the same article everywhere they could.

First of all, if you are hard pressed for time to put your writer's cap on, write for your own site first. The search engines (and your readers) like to see fresh content.

Second, if you want to pursue article marketing consider limiting submissions to places where your target audience is going to actually see them instead of going just for the backlink in your bio. Possibly a couple article sites and a couple of newsletters.

Rewriting the article each time would be even better. There are services which will spin your article but these are not very good. You may spend as much time fixing the rewritten copy as it would have taken you to rewrite it yourself.

Unnatural Link Building

Google has also taken action against sites and blogs which appear to have an unnatural backlink portfolio. Your backlink portfolio is all the links pointing to your site.

Those with unnatural looking backlink portfolios have received notices in their Google Webmaster Tools accounts.

Why would you get one of these notices?

  • Paid linked that were not handled correctly.

    Google specifically says paid links are ok if you handle them as follows:

    • Adding a rel="nofollow" attribute to the <a> tag
    • Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

    Paid links

    How do you get caught? The person who sold the link could get caught. You could get caught by someone telling Google via their report system.

  • Hiring someone to link build for you and they do this too quickly.
  • What is the natural time to build links without getting caught? No idea. Google doesn't give you any hint. But a sudden number of links pointing to your site in a short amount of time without the corresponding ranking in the search results or traffic in general would surely send up some red flags to the search engines

  • You or your link builder only submit/leave links on sites that do not use the nofollow attribute in their outgoing links.

    This looks very suspect. The average Internet user would not know the difference between a link that has the nofollow attribute and one that doesn't.

Does this mean you can not do any link building? No. You just have to be more patient and natural about it.

  • Read some other sites and blogs. Make comments where you can.
  • Link to sites and blogs related to your subject from your own site. The person who you linked to might notice and in turn mention your site.
  • Write some honest reviews/testimonials for people.

See Create a Link Building Strategy for some more ideas. The key is this takes time if you want things to look natural.

Blog Networks

Some of you may have been invited to participate in a blog network. Google hit those too just lately.

In March Google deindexed a blog network called BuildMyRank and a few others. Why? Because they considered them to be along the lines of paid links.


(You will be happy this newsletter is late. <wink>)

On April 24/12 Google released an update that has really rocked the web/SEO world.

Google just pushed an algorithmic ranking change: Coverage at Search Engine Land:

Matt Cutts, Google Spam Dept. April 24/12 via Twitter.

It has a name now (it didn't when first released): Penguin.

This update was supposed to do was get rid of the spam in their index (search results), which it did and didn't do, depending on what report you read. Lots and lots of people have been affected by this update. Both those who did some shady things and some innocent people.

What this update did is basically pick on those who did not read and follow the Webmaster Guidelines. If you have behaved yourself you should be fine.

Some innocent people got hit therefore Google has provided some ways for you to communicate with them if you have been hit with this update:

  • If you feel your site has unjustly been affected by the Penguin update you can submit this feedback form:
  • If you see spam in the results that you think should have been caught you can make your submission here with Penguin in the subject. You need a Google Account to use this.

Ok so why is this newsletter titled Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket.

Learn from Others Mistakes

Each time Google makes a change there is a bunch of whining. Accusations that "Google is Evil" "Google is only looking out for the big brands" start flying around.

Why is there so much whining? Because people put their business' future and success in the Google basket. They just depend on Google too much.

Learn from these mistakes. Diversify your marketing strategies. Even do some offline marketing stuff.

  • Get yourself ranking in Bing and Yahoo! (Yahoo! is fed by Bing now but has it's own method of ranking).
  • Do some social networking and marketing if that is where your target audience is.
  • Join forums related to your industry.
  • Join old fashioned Yahoo! groups or mailing lists if that is where you are going to be able to connect with your potential customers.
  • Join something where you meet people in person. A networking club. A sports club. Golf league.
  • Go to or participate in your industry tradeshows and/or conferences.

Just don't rely on one source of keeping your business going.

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Website Promotions

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If you made it to this point, thanks for reading!!! This second newsletter wasn't supposed to be so long but Google has kept us hopping this last 6 weeks.

Hope you sign up for our future newsletters.

Till next month, behave yourself. Follow the search engine webmaster guidelines (all of them) and diversify your marketing strategy.

As Red Green says:

Keep your stick on the ice.

Ok, guess you would have to be Canadian to get that. <wink>

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