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Starting Your Website or Blog

Starting a new website or blog can seem like a daunting task but in our starting your website or blog section we will cover website planning, target audience research, domain name selection and purchase, determining the best hosting plan for your project and determining if a custom web design, semi custom web design or pre-made template is the best choice for you.

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Have You Read the Webmaster Guidelines Yourself?

Have you heard about the Google Penguin update? It’s all about following the webmaster guidelines. All the links for each of the major search engines are provided in this article. Get busy and start reading!

Let’s Discuss All-in-One Web Design Packages

A discussion of the pros and cons of usine all-in-one web design packages, hosting with domain packages, hosted solutions, free web hosting and free website builders.

Website Planning Tools

We have covered website planning with our step by step guide and provided a website planning checklist previously so next we are going to provide some tools to help complete your website planning. Not everyone is a techy. That is fine. Old fashioned pen and paper and a binder can be used to complete your […]

Website Planning Checklist

Having read our Website Planning – Step by Step Guide you will find this checklist handy for a new website, a blog or if you are planning a redesign and want to refocus the existing site.

Website Planning – A Step by Step Guide

Ready to get started with your website or blog? The first step is to do some website planning. Website Planning Step by Step. Don’t skip this! It is the key to starting your website or blog on the right foot.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

How much does a website cost? Well, what features do you want? Do you want a custom design or to work with a prepurchased template? Does your budget allow for everything on your wishlist? Read on to see what is taken into consideration when pricing a website or blog.

Website Design Process

There is a defined life cycle of a website. The web design process encompasses that life cycle. We walk you through the web design process step by step. Planning & analysis, web design stage, implementation, website promotion and innovation.